Bethona Tessier is an original character created by Griddles. She is a member of the New Trinity.

Bethona has been created by Griddles and she is owned by Griddles andIzumi-Razkun.

Bethona by griddles-d482zli



Bethona is the third and final member of New Trinity and is distinguished by her boysenberry-tinted attire and her extremely long and shiny dark hair. Bethona's hair is her pride and joy and she is always wary of potentially damaging it; this is why she often stays out of the way in a dangerous situation. A faint accent to her voice, Bethona was born in Canada and was not discovered by Helix until well into her teen life. Her powers, once known to Helix's leader Blood, made her an instant candidate for special training - it was, after all, another Zoner that inspired Blood to create Helix in the first place. Not much is known about Bethona's family although unlike her two New Trinity friends she appears to have a fairly stable and happy home life. Though

prone to bouts of vanity - especially concerning her hair - she is quick to look out for her friends and can often be found brushing their hair in her spare time. She is physically the oldest of the three girls and hopes to one day also be the most revered.


Bethona Tessier is a girl who can easily be underestimated. Beautiful and often a little shy, Bethona is almost never first to speak in a conversation. She is reserved, polite and very focused. However, her calm exterior hides a very cunning mind that makes her even more dangerous with her Zoning power. Zoners are a rare type of Transhuman, with only a few known examples confirmed to exist. Zoners can tear into reality itself, allowing for instant movement between two spaces, dangerous disruptions in the fabric of the world and the ability to penetrate through almost any obstacle. In Bethona's case, she employs her abilities for many stealthy and unseen acts of mischief and is often able to escape harm or danger with ease. She's extremely capable of defending herself, however, so do not take her on looks alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bethona is a rare Zoner who can manipulate reality around herself and can fold space. Bethona is capable of instant movement from one place to anoth

er and can open dimensional schisms to cause havoc. She can create instabilities in subspace that, when properly disturbed, can cause violent explosions. She's able to shroud herself and become invisible.


Bethona's unusual name - which she insists is Irish - is treasured by her and she will angrily defend herself if her name is ever mocked.